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Are You Self Starter, Technically Skilled, Strong Leader

Join the Direct Security Groupô dealership network, and start your in success selling, installing, supporting and monitoring of  the industries best security and monitoring systems.

The security business is one like no other, monthly recurring revenue, building an account base, building equity with every customer you monitor.

Unlike other ' Dealership' programs, you keep the majority of the revenue and the customer remains yours under our program to service and utilize as referrals, future sales and upgrades.

Our business is about building equity for our dealers, security a revenue base and proving the countries largest network of security dealers supported by the very best network of monitoring stations available.

Our goal...Your Success.
If you succeed we succeed.

Many franchise and dealerships are very heavy in upfront and start-up costs leaving the Dealer to carry enormous debt loads through both good and bad times.

Our system is designed for our Dealers to work from home in the initial stages, minimizing overhead, utilizing our billing and collections company and signing into our Sales and Advertising program...maximizing your Revenue Producing hours and leaving the 'Support Hours' to those with a specialty.

Our present network of security websites already receive almost 500,000 hit per year ranking us as a major "Go To" security support and information sites.

Our present customer base include customers all over the province of Alberta, British Columbia and some US States.

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